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We now have some 70+ church planting evangelists.

The organisation CRFI has carefully selected mature, teachable and gifted believers who have a passion for engaging in church planting amongst their own people. 


Vishal is aged 23 and is married to Nirmala. They have two daughters.  Vishal comes from the Dhule District of Maharashtra from a village called Navagav which is located in the range of the Satpura hills. 
Vishal was born and brought up in an animistic family and used to practice superstitious belief and followed all the traditional rituals. 

He writes: “As I grew up, I had some friends with bad habits who drank all the time. Being influenced by them, I became addicted to alcohol. One day a believer, came to me and shared the word of God, telling me that there is a God and that He loved me very much. I started to attend the Sunday service after that. Though I could not understand much, I felt the love of God in my heart. Gradually, my life began to change and I started giving up all my bad habits. On 26th December 2009, I took Baptism. In the year of 2014, I committed myself fully for His ministry. I went for a one-year Bible study at Leadership Training Institute. I joined GOSPEL in India to carry forward my vision to tell about Jesus to my community.”

Since joining the team, Vishal is being coached and supervised by his team leader and the Field Director. 

Because of the partnership program ($10 per day) he is now able to work full time.  He continues to reach out with the Gospel of God’s grace amongst his own needy people who live in great darkness.

​Pray for Vishal and for the church in Central Western India. 
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