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Reach Unreached Tribal People in Central and Western India

The Bible urges us to GO. We believe God has guided our paths to “ ... go and make disciples of all nations, ...” Matt. 28:19. Of course, we cannot do that. Only God can change the heart of sinners towards him. 

He calls us to be prayerfully and dependently engaged in reaching out to those who are perishing. G.O.S.P.E.L. seek to do that one nation at a time through a partnership model where believers work together to reach out. 


G.O.S.P.E.L. seeks be engaged in Global Mission because we know:

  • Jesus must be great among the nations! God is all glorious. He is good and gracious! We seek to glorify God through the preaching of the Gospel of grace and the establishment of Biblical churches amongst unreached people groups in the World. Our desire to see him glorified.

  • Jesus is returning to gather his church from the whole world! We know there are yet so many peoples who are unreached. We have placed our focus on just one of the largest tribal groups in all of India – is the Bhil tribe. While there is time, we aim to continue to spread the good news. The time is short and the opportunity is still there.